Range Orientation

November 12, 2020 by Jeff Evans

Range Orientation

As you arrive at the gate, enter the 4 digit combination on the lock.  NOTE: Align the TOP row of numbers with the assigned combination.

Close and lock the gate behind you to prevent unauthorized access by non-members. NOTE: The combination must be correctly entered to close the lock.

Proceed to the Office at the firing line and sign in.  All shooting guests must sign in as well (Limit 3 guests
per member).

Read and understand the range rules posted on the back side of the office.

Rifle and Pistol Range

Obtain target stands from the Target container.  NOTE: Blue target stands at the firing line are reserved for disabled members and guests only.

Apply targets to target stands using provided staplers.

If other shooters are at the range, coordinate with them and close the range prior to going down range to place your targets.

Close the range by ringing the buzzer once.  NOTE: Buzzer button is inside the office to the right of the door as you enter.

When range is closed open bolt, slide or cylinder, stay behind white line and do not handle any firearms.

Once your targets have been placed, communicate with other shooters to ensure the range is safe to open.

Open the range by ringing the buzzer twice.

Be alert and aware of all shooters on the range.

Once you are done shooting, communicate with any other shooters that you are going down range to retrieve your targets.