February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Kern River Valley Gun Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM at the Kernville Chamber of Commerce Building and began with the flag salute


  • New Members – Roberto Cruz
  • First Time Attendees – Tim Scroghan aka Bags
  • 13 members present

Past Meeting Minutes: Kee Johnson read the meeting minutes for 1-17-19.  Approved.

President’s Report: Given by Vice-President Rich McDonald

  • Whiskey Flat Weekend.
    • Raffle Ticket Sales $1,445
    • Raffle Winner – Member Tracy Brown.
    • $307 in Tee Shirt Sales
    • 10 New Members/Renewals (1 Life Member)
  • Training Room/Club House/Meeting Room being purchased for $5,000. Includes delivery and setup.  Will be located on the south side of the camping area.  This is in lieu of two sea trains.
  • Hats have been ordered. See attached.
  • SHOT Show – Las Vegas Jan. 21 – 25
    • Focus this year
      • Replacement Steel Targets – Bids being collected. See attached.  Will probably to with MGM Targets
      • DefenCell/Hesco – Berms
    • Trip Cost:
      • Registration   $70.00
      • RV Park $187.09
      • Fuel $336.07
      • Food       N/A
      • TOTAL $593.16
    • NRA grants submitted: Still waiting to hear from the NRA.
      • Running Man Target
      • Archery Targets and Equipment
      • Youth shotguns and .22 caliber rifles for Girl Scouts – Denied
      • Reactive target systems (plates, poppers

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Johnson gave the treasurer’s report.  Club has $33,504.48.

Income:  $6,495.19;  Expenses:  $1,883.71;  Membership:  435 + 54 life members

Chief Range Safety Officer Report: Mark Miller advised current RSO’S can go on line through NRA and renew for $30.00.  This needs to be done by May 20, 2019.  This eliminates having a class.

Hasn’t heard back from the teacher at Bakersfield College regarding targets.  Mark said he is going to a class to become an instructor in CPR and First Aid.  Will cost him $375.00.  Scheduled for May 4 & 5.

There are four people interested in becoming RSO’S and ready for class.  Discussion about these students paying for ½ of the class to show they have a vested interest in the RSO program.

Competition Director: Terry Thompson

  • 2nd Centerfire single or double action revolver, iron sights, off hand. Steel targets at 7-25 yards 50 rounds minimum. Canceled due to weather
  • March 2nd Centerfire handgun, any caliber, any sights, off hand. Paper targets at 7 – 25 yards. 60 rounds minimum. Will have if a slight drizzle or overcast.  Pouring rain – No.
  • March 23rd – 3-Gun competition – Shotgun (Pump or semi-auto). Rifle (AR Style0 and Pistol (Semi-auto centerfire)
  • April 6th Centerfire rifle, any caliber, any sights, off the bench. Steel targets at 200 – 500 yards. 20 rounds minimum.
  • May 4th Rimfire pistol, any sights, off hand. Steel targets at 7 – 25 yards. 50 rounds minimum. Timed event.

Committee Reports:

  • Shotgun Group – Joe Price Slow participation right now.  Still raking and killing weeds.
    • Upcoming Events
      • March 16, 2019 – South Fork School Fundraiser Shoot 4 RSO’S needed
    • June 8, 2019 – Mt. Mesa Men’s Club 4 RSO’S needed.  Begins at 0900.
    • Cowboy Action Group – Rich McDonald
      • Upcoming Events
        • March 9th – Cowboy Action
        • March 10th – Cowboy Quick Draw
      • Range Maintenance – Hank Blackler – Dennis is doing a great job. He put up a new jail façade in the cowboy area.  We had a new member out on one Tuesday.  He painted targets.  Bob and Rich are working on weeds
  • Weekly:
    • Dump Trash
    • Replace cardboard on target frames
    • Pick up brass
  • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays – Paint steel targets
  • 2nd Tuesday of each month – Rake Trap Range
  • 4th Tuesday of each month – Remove lead from berms

Old Business:

  • Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Affiliate – still in the works

New Business:

  • Hank advised that J & M Reloading is interested in our brass for $1.50 a pound. He will pick up.  There was some discussion about keeping some brass for members.
  • Pizza Barn wants to sponsor a dinner for RSO’S on a Tuesday or Wednesday sometime in April

Next Meeting:

March 28, 2019

6:30 PM

Kernville Chamber of Commerce

11447 Kernville Rd.

Kernville, CA 93238


Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM.                                                                       Kee Johnson    3-6-19