2019 Competition Schedule

Kern River Valley Gun Association

Schedule of Shooting Competitions       2019

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All competitions are held on the first Saturday of the month.  No competitions are held in December or January.  Starting time for all competitions is 8:30am, with an entrance fee of $5.00 for members $10.00 for non-members.  Donations of canned food for the less fortunate are appreciated.  In the event of a rain-out, the competition will be delayed until the following Saturday.  If, after being delayed twice, the competition still cannot occur, it will be cancelled.


Feb. 2             Centerfire single or double action revolver, iron sights, off hand. Steel targets at 7-25 yards 50 rounds minimum. Timed event.


Mar. 2             Centerfire handgun, any caliber, any sights, off hand.  Paper targets at 7 – 25 yards.  60 rounds minimum.


Apr. 6th         Centerfire rifle, any caliber, any sights, off the bench. Steel targets at 200 – 500 yards.  20 rounds minimum.


May 4th         Rimfire pistol, any sights, off hand.  Steel targets at 7 – 25 yards.  50 rounds minimum.  Timed event.


June 1st        Rimfire semi-auto rifle, any sights, off hand.  Steel targets at 10 – 25 yards.  50 rounds minimum.  Timed event.


July 6th         Single or double action revolver iron sights. Paper targets at 25 yards. 50 rounds minimum. NOT timed event.  Accuracy shoot.

Aug 3rd      *Aspirin Shoot*  Rimfire rifle / Centerfire rifle, off the bench.  Aspirin at 50 yards / 100 yards.  10 rounds minimum, each rifle.  You may compete with either or both rifles.


Sept. 7th       Centerfire rifle/centerfire pistol. steel rifle targets at 100/200 yards, 10 rounds, steel pistol targets at 7-25 yards. 60 rounds minimum. timed event.


Oct. 5th          Centerfire rifle from bench. Any sights. Paper targets 200-300-400-500 yards. 5 shots on each target.


Nov. 2            *Poker Shoot*  Rimfire rifle / pistol, any sights.  Playing cards at 25 yards, 7 rounds minimum.  <<Non-points event>>


Points will be awarded for 1st through 5th places, plus one additional point for participation, except for the Poker Shoot.  Point totals at year’s end will determine overall “Club Champion”, with awards for 1st  through 3rd monthly.  All bench shooting will be with front rest, bipod or sandbags.  No Lead Sleds or similar will be allowed.

Operating on a non-discriminatory basis with a special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service.