July 2020 Meeting Minutes

Kern River Valley Gun Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 23, 2020


Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM at the Kern River Valley gun range training room and began with the flag salute.



  • New Member and first-time attendee – Frank Enstad
  • 16 members present


Past Meeting Minutes: Kee Johnson read the meeting minutes for June 25, 2020.  Approved


President’s Report: Jeff Evans

  • Public opening – Still on hold.
  • Discussion regarding reducing range membership fee for August and September. No discounts for partial year.  2021 membership will be issued beginning in October.
  • 750 Club. If someone can hit the target, three consecutive times, at the 750-yard line, their name will be displayed on a plaque at the range. Tim Scrogham advised he and Tracy Brown are designing a patch in addition to the plaque.  Will submit price to club.  This will be RSO verified on a (Sunday).  $5.00 for five shots or attempts.
  • Discussion about purchasing an anemometer. It has very good
    features and reviews. It measures wind speed/direction, temperature,
    humidity, rainfall, UV and solar radiation. It will need a
    pole, a piece of electrical conduit works fine; a satellite dish or
    antenna mount also works. Once installed on site it will need
    It connects to a power adapter which plugs in to a wall
    outlet or extension cord. It connects to the router through wi-fi. It has
    a wireless console/display which can be set up in the storage room or
    office but must be protected from theft. The device setup is done
    through a phone. I have already set up an account for registering it
    with a free online weather station service and have installed software
    on the web site to access the station through the service and display
    the data on the web site. Purchase voted on (10 to 6) and approved.  Cost is $180.00 plus mounting materials.  May be mounted on top of maintenance shed.
  • Gun Laws
    • Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report: Bob Johnson gave the treasurer’s report.  Club has $29,399.63 as of 7-23-20.

Income:  $2,455.67.   Expenses:  $666.02 (Still waiting on two years of billing from the USFS.)

Total members: 477 (18 new members this month) plus 99 life members


Chief Range Safety Officer Report: Mark Miller said he will be contacting RSO’s as soon as we reopen.


Competition Director: Dennis Veale

  • June 27th – Centerfire Pistol Accuracy Shoot – Six shooters
    • 1st place – Jason Meadows, 2nd Place – Jim Hunt, 3rd place – Jeff Evans


  • July 25th – Two Gun Competition; Rifle/Pistol
  • August – Aspirin Shoot



Committee Reports:

  • Shotgun Group – Joe Price – Absent
  • Upcoming Events
    • Mount Mesa Men’s Club Trap Shoot – still waiting to hear from them
  • Cowboy Action Group – Dennis Veale mentioned that Kee Johnson was top shooter at July’s shoot
    • Upcoming Events
      • Saturday August 8th – Cowboy Action
    • Range Maintenance – Discussion about furnishing staplers. Purchased 4 new staplers to replace missing ones. We will continue to furnish staplers.
      • Weekly:
        • Dump Trash
        • Replace cardboard on target frames
        • Pick up brass
      • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays – Paint steel targets
      • 2nd Tuesday of each month – Rake Trap Range
      • 4th Tuesday of each month – Berm Weed Abatement


Old Business:

  • 1st Shot Program – still getting the grant but on hold due to Covid
  • New member orientation video. Joe Margiotta said he can do it but, needs actors.
  • Discussion about updating camera system. Not at this time.
  • Discussion regarding adding fines to the bi-laws for range violations prior to withdrawing membership. Jeff will review the bi-laws.


New Business:

  • Ventana Wildlife Society has contacted the club and want to have a drive-thru, free, non-lead ammo giveaway on a Saturday in August.  Jeff will contact them for further details.      UPDATE: Mike Stake will be at the range August 22 to handout “Non-Lead” ammunition.  If you are interested in getting a FREE box of factory loaded “Non-Lead” ammo, visit  ventanaws.org/ammunition for information on how to submit your request.
  • Hank Blackler spoke about his visit to the Fresno Gun Club in Clovis. Their annual fees are $275.00 for member and one guest and $25.00 to the public for one day.  I think he likes ours better – cleaner and less expensive.
  • Mark Erpenbach asked about using the shotgun range. There should be a manual thrower there that anyone can use.  If you can get a group of four or more, Jeff will contact Mark who will assign an RSO who is trained in using the trap house to oversee the shoot.


Next Meeting:

Thursday, August 27, 2020

6:30 PM

Kern River Valley Gun Association Range

6000 Cyrus Road

Kernville, CA 93238


Meeting adjourned at 7:18 PM.

Kee Johnson  7-25-20