June 2018

Kern River Valley Gun Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM at the Kernville Chamber of Commerce building and began with the flag salute.  18 Members in attendance.



  • New Members – None
  • First Time Attendees – None


Past Meeting Minutes: Kee Johnson read the minutes for the meeting held on May 24, 2018.  No changes or additions.  Read and approved.


President’s Report: Jeff Evans

  • Range utilization as of 6/1/2018
  • 1250 Members/Guests
  • 130 Public
  • Gun Law Status
  • The deadline for gun owners to register their firearms as “assault weapons” or modify them to be compliant with the restrictions that resulted from SB 880 and AB 1135 (2016) must be completed by 11:59:59 P.M. on June 30, 2018.
  • UK Shooters

“Can I please ask you to thank all of the guys who gave me and my gang a fabulous time on the range?  They went above and beyond the call of duty to make us feel welcome and safe.

I wish you all the best in the future and hope to see you again.

If anyone is in our area, let me know. I will take them to our clay range.”


  • Ruger Mark IV Safety Recall Notice – Models manufactured before June 1, 2017
  • Includes Hunter, Target, Competition, 22/45. 22/45 Lite and 22/45 Tactical. Serial numbers start with “401” for 2017 models and “WBR” for 2016 models.  Mark I, II and II are not affected.  Issue is: if the triger is pulled when the safety is not fully engaged (i.e. midway between Safe and Fire), the weapon will not fire.  However, as soon as the safety is moved to the Fire postion, the weapon may discharge.  Visit Ruger.com/MarkIVRecall for information.


Treasurer’s Report: Bob Johnson read the treasurer’s report.  Club has $25,263.91.  Income for the month was $1,281.00 and Expenses were $671.93.  Currently have 540  members plus 43 life members.


Chief Range Safety Officer Report: Mark Miller reported he has taken a class to become a Chief Range Safety Officer.  With this certification he will be able to teach the RSO classes.  He is also working on his first aid teaching certification.  Miller also advised that the AED has been installed.


Competition Director: Brian Dowd

  • June Competition – June 2nd – Revolver Pistol: 9 participants: Jim Hunt and Dennis Veale tied for first place
  • ½ mile shoot – June 16th: 10 participants:  1st Place:  Frank Llanes  2nd Place:  Juan Llanes  3rd Place:  Jason Meadows  Next shoot like this there will be no cell phone usage.
  • July Competition – July 7th – Moving Target Handgun Shoot
  • August Competition – August 4th – Aspirin Shoot
  • September Competition – September 1st – Long Range Centerfire riflle
  • September 22nd – Tactical 3 Gun
  • October Competition – October 6th – Zombie Apocalypse Night Shoot
  • November Competition – November 3rd – Annual Turkey Shoot – Paper Targets Only – No Turkeys will be harmed at this shoot.


Committee Reports:

  • Shotgun Group – Joe Price – Will have to wait another month before buying targets ammo. Supplier unavailable.
  • Upcomming events
  • September 29th – Toys for Tots Charity Shoot
  • Cowboy Action Group – Jeff Evans
  • Upcomming events
  • July 14th – Cowboy Action
  • July 15th – Cowboy Quick Draw
  • Range Maintenance – Brian Dowd
  • Weekly:
  • Dump Trash
  • Replace cardboard on targest stands
  • Pick up brass
  • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays – Paint steel targets
  • 2nd Tuesday of each month – Rake Trap Range
  • 4th Tuesday of each month – Remove lead from berms


Old Business:

  • Club Cell Phone (760) 614-0691
  • Create a Tactical Range – On Hold
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Installed
  • Upgrade our First Aid kit at the range


New Business:

  • Swap Meet and safety shoot for kids using .22 rifles A tentative date of 8-11-18 was chosen but after meeting it was changed to 8-18-18
  • In the back room of the target shed there is a FREEZER. It is not a refrigerator.  Do not put canned or bottled soda or water in the freezer.  The canned soda will explode and make a mess.


Next Meeting:

July 26, 2018 at 6:30 PM

Kernville Chamber of Commerce

11447 Kernville Rd.

Kernville, CA 93238


Motion to Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 7:02 PM


Minutes by Kee Johnson