October 27, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Kern River Valley Gun Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 27, 2022


Meeting called to order at 6:12 p.m. at the Kern River Valley Gun Club classroom and began with the flag salute.



  • New Members- None
  • First Time Attendees – None
  • Total members in attendance – 16


Past Meeting Minutes:  Kee Johnson read the meeting minutes from July 23, 2022.  Minutes approved.


President’s Report: Jeff Evans

  • Web site support – A person has been contacted and was given the go ahead to fix the system. Terry Thompson suggested that we contact Tim Guthrie who set up the system to begin with.  Mark Miller said he would contact someone with the Sheriff’s Department to see if they would be interested in this project.  Jeff said we shouldn’t have to pay a monthly charge for thisjust a charge to fix the problem.  It is “Word Press” software.
  • CMP M-1 Garands and M1911 are available for purchase. Visit: thecmp.org for details.  The club is affiliated with CMP so any club member can purchase these weapons.
  • Blue Tooth Locks have been implemented (16 of 50 people have activated their access.) This lock system tracks who is using the lock.
  • Whiskey Flat Days – Do we want to have a raffle – YES. First voted to raffle a spotting scope then voted to do a takedown .22.  Suggestion made to raffle ammunition.  We will sell t-shirts and hats during Whiskey Flat weekend.
  • A gun safe has been donated to the club. It is in Wofford Heights but is in a location that may be difficult to get out.  Bob Johnson offered the use of his bobcat and trailer if they can get into the location.
  • Kernville Museum is looking for taxidermed native animals. If you have any you would like to donate to the museum, please contact them.


Treasurer’s Report: Bob Johnson gave the treasurer’s report.  The club has $42,710.68 as of

10-19-22.  Income:  $943.00  Expenses: $945.26  Total members for 2022: 443 + 100 life members.


Range Executive Officer Report: Doug Rudolph advised we have 8 RSO’S + a new RSO who will begin his training.


Competition Director: Mark Miller has volunteered for this position.  He will start in January 2023 and the competitions will be on the 4th Saturday of each month.




Committee Reports:

  • Shotgun Group – Doug Rudolph
    • Member Trap Shoot 3rd Saturday of the month – cancelled for the time being. Trap range is available on the 2nd & 4th Sundays when RSO’s are available.
    • Toys for Tots Charity Trap Shoot was held on Saturday, September 24 with 14 people attending. Mark Miller won the Annie Oakley after a lengthy competition.
      • Upcoming events – None
    • Cowboy Action Group – Bob Johnson
      • July Results – Shoot Canceled
      • Upcoming Events – Cowboy Action shoot Saturday, November 12th


FAMILY TURKEY SHOOT – Saturday, November 19, 2022, from 10 AM – 12 PM  $5.00 to enter.  Guns and ammo will be supplied.  Three turkeys will be awarded to three winners.  Rich McDonald will contact the radio station regarding advertising.


Range Maintenance Officer – Position is open for volunteer



Old Business:

  • Reolink camera system has not been ordered yet.


New Business:

  • Suggestion Box – Sunshade over archery range.
  • Sports and outdoor activity related Swap Meet to be held on December 10, 2022, from
  • 9 AM – 2 PM
  • Nomination for 2023 Board Members:

Terry Thompson made a motion to continue with the same board.  Motion seconded.

President:  Jeff Evans

Vice President:  Rich McDonald

Treasurer:  Bob Johnson

Secretary:  Kee Johnson

Range Executive Officer:  Doug Rudolph


Next Meeting:

Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 6:00 PM  Election still must be held.

Kern River Valley Gun Association Range

6000 Cyrus Road

Kernville, CA 93238


Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM


Kee Johnson