July 2021 Meeting Minutes

Kern River Valley Gun Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 22, 2021


Call to order: 6:00 PM – at the KRVGA Training Room and began with the flag salute



  • Total members present: 21
  • First Time Attendees – Kenny Hewitt and Jackie Crabtree


Past Meeting Minutes:  Kee Johnson read the meeting minutes for Saturday, June 26, 2021.  Approved.


President’s Report: Jeff Evans

  • Non Lead give away program at the range on August 24, 2021, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM.         Applications available.

If you have a REAL ID deadline to submit application is 8-23-21.  If you have regular ID             application needs to be received 10 days prior to 8-23-21.

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Training July 10th and 11th. Five people attended (Jeff Evans and 4 4H trainers)
  • Girl Scouts July 15th
    • 14 new/beginner shooters, Trap and rifle – Thanks to all the RSOs that came out and helped.  Also had two, newly trained, 4H Shotgun Leaders help out.  Guns received from NRA grants were used.
  • 2020 NRA Grants –
    • 20CAC045 Range Improvement – We were recommended for 2 250 Capacity Standard Trap Machines, 1 Rabbit Thrower, 3 wheeled carts, three solar panels for the machines and 3 Wireless Release sets
  • 2021 NRA Grants: All grants have been approved by the NRA Foundation Board of Trustees
    • 21CAC003 Range Improvement
      • MEC 500E ATA Trap Machine – Arrived
      • Atlas Trio Field Simulator – Arrived
      • Plate Rack (2) – Arrived
      • Lead Sled (2) – Arrived
      • Spotting Scope (2) – Arrived
    • 21CAC002Range Targets – Many Arrived
    • 21CAC006Women and Youth .22 Pistol Shooting Program Asked for 12 pistols, ammo, targets and safety equipment
    • 21CAC007Youth Archery Program – more bows were requested
    • 21CAC011Women/Youth Clay and .22 Rifle Program – Some Targets Arrived


Treasurer’s Report: Bob Johnson gave the treasurer’s report.  Club has $37,873.03

Income:  $2,336.86   Expenses:  $954.13  Membership is 529 + 100 life members.


Range Executive Officer Report:

  • Opened July 3rd to the public.
  • Rich McDonald is scheduling RSOs. Frank Enstad advised he is moving to North Carolina next week.  Good luck to Frank and his family.
  • There is some difficulty getting RSOs to staff Public Openings on Sundays. Week to week opening will be based on RSO availability.  May change to every other Sunday or one Sunday a month.
  • Talked about recruiting more RSOs. Incentives:  Should the club pay for the training and/or give one year free membership?


Competition Director: Dennis Veale

  • 1st Place – Kevin Hinkle
  • 2nd Place – Frank Llanes
  • 3rd Place – Tracy Brown
  • Competitions Planned
    • Dennis would like to have a .22 shoot in September for people who have never shot in a competition. Not first time shooters.  Would like them to come out on the previous Sunday to see if they would qualify.


Committee Reports:

  • Shotgun Group – Doug Rudolph
    • Upcoming Events
      • Toys for Tots Charity Trap Shoot – Saturday, September 11, 2021
      • Mount Mesa Men’s Club Fundraiser Trap Shoot – Postponed
      • South Fork School & Community Foundation Fundraiser Trap Shoot – ?
    • New concrete stations on the Trap Range. Poured at 0500 hrs. today after receiving go ahead from Forest Service. Doug talked to Gilbert Vega who is handling the job.  Next step he is going to back fill with dirt between the lanes.  This is not what was agreed upon.  We agreed on decomposed granite.  Jeff will contact him tomorrow morning to clarify the misunderstanding.
    • Doug said they had 8 or 9 shooters at their 3rd Saturday event. Changed from 0900 to 0800 because of the heat.  Doug said he is happy about all the new equipment coming in.


Cowboy Action Group – Jeff Evans

  • July Shoot Canceled due to the heat
  • Upcoming Events
    • Saturday August 12th – Cowboy Action unless it’s too hot.


Range Maintenance Officer

  • Range Maintenance
    • Weekly:
      • Dump Trash
      • Replace cardboard on target frames
      • Pick up brass
    • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays – Paint steel targets
    • 2nd Tuesday of each month – Rake Trap Range
    • 4th Tuesday of each month – Berm Weed Abatement


Old Business:

  • Surveillance System – Installed for Training Room/Trap/Cowboy/Archery range. Evaluate for purchasing a second system to replace existing system at rifle/pistol range.
  • 8’ X 7′ Roll-up door on Cowboy container. Quote for 2019 was for $2,350.  Included cutting the opening and installation.  At the June 26th meeting the members voted on and approved the purchase and complete installation of an 8′ x 7′ steel, roll-up door to be installed on the Cowboy container.  The members voted on a not to exceed price of $3,000 for this effort.  On July 12th we received a quote from Doormaster Sales in the amount of $1,860.00 for a 6’4” x 7′ sectional door made of unknown material and KRVGA was to cut the opening.


After some discussion about security issues, water repelling properties and overhead height restrictions between the two door types, Jeff reminded the members they had voted on and approved the purchase and installation of an 8′ x 7′ steel, roll-up door.  Tim Scrogham is to go back to Doormaster Sales (or another vendor) to get an updated quote for the COMPLETE installation of the previously approved 8′ x 7′ steel, roll-up door.  As a side note, the Forest Service currently has implemented restrictions on welding, grinding or other spark generating activities at the range.  This is due to the high fire hazard.  These restrictions are in effect until Nov. 1, 2021.


New Business:

  • Suggestion Box – $4.00 in box
  • Designated from the floor – Nothing brought up.


Next Meeting:

Thursday, August 26, 2021

6:00 PM

Kern River Valley Gun Association Range

6000 Cyrus Road

Kernville, CA 93238


Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.


Kee Johnson